Van-Daaz's moto is "Why loose?-Buy Loose!"

By buying your diamond loose you save time (shopping is simpler and shorter) and gain in value: there are no hidden costs transferred to the ring's price and you do not have to return a ring that is not to her liking to the jeweler... A free "Tiffany Style Setting" may not at all be to her liking, and, there are many "Tiffany Style" settings: thinner and thicker, wider or narrower, rounder or flatter, of more or less refined finish... Propose, instead, with a surprise diamond-in-a-blue-box display, by itself, and buy the ring setting together with her.

Selection and choice that only a specialist and veteran diamond dealer & e-tailer can offer... (!)

With a network of suppliers importing their diamonds from three continents and the world's major diamond centers, from Antwerp to New-York, Van Daaz is guaranteed a vast variety of diamonds and the best values .

Diamonds are not the primary specialty of the retail jeweler, nor does he need or can afford a vast selection of Diamonds piled in a costly inventory to match all conceivable preferences and whims of all potential customers.

Enters the Internet, in Van-Daaz's case as early as mid 1995, and with it new options for the wholesaler to "cyber-open" their diamond inventories and data-bases to you safely, allowing you to find your preferred Diamond with much pickiness...


The large variety offered and accessible by Van-Daaz, including stunning natural colored diamonds, from canary yellow to salmon pink, translates into a wide choice for you and to...low prices. The low prices derive from the ability to comparative-shop among the numerous manufacturers and importers, searching their data-bases, and passing the located savings to you alongside the savings derived from our direct marketing to you without middlemen.

Your value is clear, net and apart from the ring's price

Van Daaz promotes the concept of buying the diamond by itself, a novelty of our own when first promoted by us in late 1994.

By buying the diamond by itself your diamond price is net and clear . You are not overcharged for it through the alleged ring's "price"

You can have your diamond fully verified, inspected and authenticated only when not set!

Set diamonds cannot be identified and verified with 100% certainty. The setting prevents fail-proof identification in terms of hidden parts of it (by the prongs, bezel etc.), color comparison (due to interference by the setting's metal color), inaccessibility to proper measuring, inaccessibility to inspection even of some of the exposed parts (mainly from the direction of the culet & pavilion), possible interference with the interpretation of inclusions by possible reflections of parts the setting, non-amenability to weighing etc. Some set diamonds may even be --ever so slightly-- scratched or damaged in the process of setting and/or dismounting, thereby affecting their value and/or money-back guarantees extended by the vendors.

Avoid the "free ring" and "free setting" trap

"Nothing comes free"--not even a ring with a diamond purchase... A ring may be provided and set with a diamond purchased by you "at no extra cost" for one of the two obvious reasons: If it is of any significant value beyond a few tens of dollars--it is "free" because the price of your diamond is marked-up high enough to cover its cost; More likely--the ring is from a mass-production line, with little attention paid to detail or finish, of minimal width, thickness and weight, and/or low grade precious metal. Furthermore its style is likely to be described as a "classic ..." , in other words common-place, popular and of no uniqueness. Even what might be referred to as a "Classic Tiffany" design (this "classic" word again...) may come in levels of craftmanship & details, and, of course, its very cheap & clear immitations... You will be surprised at how knowledgeable most women are when it comes to jewelry style and quality. A cheap, mass-produced (hence "classic") ring will be noted by her in no time, and most likely--not very much appreciated. After all, wouldn't it be a shame to diminish the look, value, beauty & first impression of your diamond investment by confining it in a "freely" supplied, cheap-looking and easy to spot low quality setting?

You share the delicate process of choosing the ring style with her... there would be no hard feeling...

Rather than disappoint her with a ring design she may not like, or even worth, find plainly tasteless, common, vulgar or cheap--buy her the diamond by itself . Present it to her at a tender moment in the blue-velvet-box*... she will be breathless for a moment.... You may, both, admire the high craftmanship of diamond-faceting displayed in your diamond with the X10 loop that comes with it...And, she would love to shop for the ring with you later on !

*-Rosewood box optional for a charge or in-lieu of X10 loop

Surprise her!

Do not loose the element of surprise of your special event or gift !

What a squeeze ! - You buy the Diamond ring without her and...she may be disappointed by the design chosen by you; Buy it with her-- and the surprise element is gone...

When you buy the Diamond loose-- you maintain the surprise when you present it AND the ring--for which you shop later together--will, therefore, be most definitely to her liking !

The only rings offered by us are styles that are unique, not available in most jewelry stores and that require special expertise in setting (tension & Titanium settings) and may be carried out only in our shop or the actual designer's studio.

It is convenient and discrete

You may shop from the convenience of your home, school, work-place--or wherever else you access the Net from and it is open as long as the Net is : 24 hours !

Finally-- It is safe!

Van-Daaz's special multi-level inspection process, third party forwarders, consumer protection affiliations & supervision (Better Bus. Bureau, WebWatchdog & The Public Eye), trade affiliations (Jewelers Board of Trade, Polygon), seniority on the "Net" (the Van-Daaz project started in early 1995 the world's very first (!) dedicated diamond e-tailers in continuous service) and Van-Daaz's guarantees-- all, render the whole process safe and secure. You deal with the Web's most veteran Diamond Dealership, with the longest experience in diamond trading on line, and you take no chances .


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