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Naturally colored diamonds have always been the worst kept secret of the diamond trade...unlike colorless diamonds these stunning gems have never been promoted due to their rarity and irregular supply . Now, however, they are slowly growing in popularity among diamond aficionados and fashion designers alike...

Available in a stunning array of natural (untreated) colors, from light lavender pink to fancy yellow, cognac and coffee brown, orange-brown and gray-light-blue. Van-Daaz is offering you these precious ... Rarer colors such as intense yellow, deep pink or green are also sourced upon request. Prices vary with Color ( Yellow is the most common color, while Pink, Blue and Red are rarer colors, and increasingly scarce in this order), the intensity of color (moving from Faint, to Very Light, Light, Fancy Light (FL), Fancy Intense (FI), Fancy Dark (FDA), Fancy Deep to the most intense Fancy Vivid), its distribution (even or not), saturation (light, moderate, high) and tone. Not all grading reports nor all grading laboratories employ the same terminology and parameters. As a rule, words such as "fancy", "dark", "intense", "deep" are indicators of better and more impressive color and higher pricing. Use our Diamond~Explorer ™ or Canadian Diamond~Explorer ™ for current availabilities (check the "Colored Diamond Search" box in the engine's color options).

For more information on colored diamonds not showing on a colored-diamond search, special search requests etc--do not hesitate to E-Mail us

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