Participate in Van-Daaz's Growth!

Winter 2000/1

Van-Daaz's original, initial venturing into diamond e-commerce was a truly visionary move "back" in early 1995, and we can proudly describe ourselves as one of the Net's first two, on-line dedicated diamond e-commerces, in continuos, uninterrupted service until this very day.

And, we grew fast.

Believing in our unsurpassed experience in diamond e-commerce, in our team--always ahead of their time-- and in our several proprietary diamond product plans, undeniable competitive advantages and Internet assets (to be outlined upon request by qualifying parties)--we, at Van-Daaz, are now in the process of raising capital for the implementation of our planned revolutionary marketing plans & proprietary diamond product marketing-- in line with our pioneering tradition in diamond e-commerce.

Do not, therefore, judge us by our competition today. The diamond trade is about to be surprised by us once again!

If capable & interested in investing in a dynamic team & concept, with competitive advantages and proprietary products, and with a foreseen immense growth potential--come aboard! drop us a line! (please mark" "VC" in subject line). This is a true "once in a --technology + trade--life-time" opportunity!

The expanded-business' residence will be the USA.


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